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Garden Shed

This attractive building offers a unique roof design and includes a soffitted front for added weather protection. Shutters and flower boxes are standard.

Lofted Barn

The lofted Barn has the most cubic fee of storage space offered on Cook buildings. The 6'-2" sidewalls offer plenty of headroom, and with the lofted overhead, your floor space can be kept clear for larger items.

Utility Shed

The Utility Shed is the most versatile of the Cook designs. The adaptability of this unit is sure to satisfy a variety of storage needs.

Lofted Garage

Includes a 9’ wide 6’-6” high steel overhead door, floor joists, 12” O.C. decked with 3/4” plywood, one window, and a 48” side entrance door on a lofted garage.

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Lifetime Warranty

Every Cook Shed Come With A Lifetime Warranty!

Every Cook Portable Warehouse and Shed is built from pressure treated materials.  The pressure treated lumber we use enables Cook Sheds to extend a lifetime warranty of every building against decay or termite damage.

Simply stated, if the pressure treated lumber is you Cook Shed is ever damaged by decay of termites, Cook will replace the damaged lumber free of charge.

Utility Shed 

Cook Sheds - Utility Shed 

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The Garden Shed

Cook Shed - Garden Shed 

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The Barn

Cook Sheds - The Barn 

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The Lofted Barn

Cook Sheds - Lofted Barn 

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